Poets in My Bedroom

Composed collectively by XOXO audience | Edited by Elaina M. Ellis

I want poets in my bedroom.
I want hot wax lips on my lips
            sliding down my hips.
I want your tongue on my neck
            your fingers on my clit
            your heart twined with mine
                        in mystery.
Give me the kind of safety
            that makes a girl swoon sweet Hallelujah
            this is real, this is sexy, this is present
            and I could not be more turned on by your face
            in this moment.  Forever.
I want poets in my bedroom.
In my bedroom I want
to cry out for mercy in a tawdry moment,
but not apologize, ever!
I want to tell the secret of me & he and what
               we could’ve done that day
               in the elevator if I had wanted to.

Give me sweet, sweet kisses
            lying deep on your couch.  I want poets.
Give me everything.
            Right now.
            Whether you want to or not
            or you’ll be sorry.
To hell with THIS.
I want poets in my bedroom.
Give me sweet hot & sweaty thoughts
            heavy squirmy ones.
I want endless days and nights
            of our bodies melted
            into one another.
Give me another kiss.
Give me head.
I want poets in my bedroom.
To hell with poets.
            throwing my heart away
            believing I don’t deserve you.
            That I can never have what I want:
            heart/pounding  skin/screaming
            deep/feeling  not/thinking
            hot/sexy  just/knowing
            I am for you. You are for me.
In my bedroom.
Give me cunnilingus and a foot rub
            every morning upon waking, please.
I want. In my bedroom.  Please.
 I want kisses quick as kicks.
Give me a man to worship
            to keep my mind
            out of my mind.
I want poets in my bedroom.
 I want you, baby.
            I am going to f*** you so hard
             after Lick tonight.
Give me your hard silicone swirled cock
            with a growl
                        take me now, I say
                                    and I give myself to you
                        as you just gave me your essence.
I want poets in my bedroom.
Give me orgasm
            after orgasm
                        I want poets
            after orgasm
            after orgasm
                        in my
            after orgasm
                        in my bedroom.  
I want poets in my bedroom.