Previous Productions

In TumbleMe’s first year, two powerful productions brought queer spoken word and storytelling to sold-out audiences. Learn more about "BodyLove" or "And God Said, Come on Inside."

What Folks Have to Say About Previous TumbleMe Productions:

“It felt very much like a church gathering without leaving out the most important pieces of humanity: sex, the raw chemistry created by genuine sharing and honest story-telling, and the freedom it allowed people to be who we are (whomever that may be, regardless of our sexual preference, our coping mechanisms, our beliefs, or how we define the very existence of our souls.”

“I feel lucky to have been there tonight. So much grace and joy.  Thank you for the hours and heart and vision to pull something like this together.”

“Fantastic, amazing, mindblowing, and other superlatives. I am grateful you put together such an edifying, moving production.”