To Hell with Anything Less

Composed collectively by XOXO audience | Edited by Elaina M. Ellis

 I want to be warmed
            by you like
            a big bowl
            of pho.
I want love eternally.
Give me everything.
 I want to be what you are to me.
            To be complete at just the sound
            of your breath and have forever
            in your touch.
Give me your heart without conditions.
Give me everything.
 I want to feel the sweet release of true love
            true, unfettered, unimpeded
            acceptance of self.
I want warm, I want juicy & soft.
            I want cool, spicy & hard.
Give me everything.
Give me the space
            to be a person
            who wants to come back to you.
Give me the brain space
            to remember
            to always come back to love.
I want everything.
Give me space
            and we can fill it
            with whatever we want to create.
Give me awkward hugs.
Give me your inspirations.
Give me the real you.
I want everything.
To hell with doing anything less
            than enjoying you
            right this moment,
            ‘cause I sure won’t get it back.
            Mmm...You.  Gonna grab
            just what I can.
Give me everything.
I want cheesy Valentine’s Day presents
            and good intentions.
I want to find a blissful sappiness
            in two hearts’ connection
            that words could never
            do justice.
To hell with anything less than everything.
I want all of it!
            The juicy parts
            and the squishy parts.
I want more!
            Sexy, cool, love. To be seen.
I want peace,
            love, happiness, chocolate.
Give me everything.
I want people to love themselves
            just a little bit more.
I want the joy, rebellion, and sweetness of queer love
            (dear love) to be more fully understood
            by straights like me!
Give us everything.
 To hell with mumbly jumbly feelings of want
            and lust
            and jealousy.
Give me the confidence to trust myself
            when questioned.
To hell with giving my best self to closed hearts.
I want everything.
Give me, yes
            those eight years, too.
            But biscuit baking cowboy fisherman,
            don’t stop there.  Give me each sticky year
            between this and both our bones into infinity.
            Will you?
I want everything.
Give me more time
            with the girl I love.
 Give me a love that I can’t see.
            A love that has blinded me
            and evaporated only into a gas
            that I can inhale and giggle
            as it dances its way down my throat
            and dances sweet memories
            on my racing heart.
To hell with anything less than everything.
 Give me that love which will shake
            me open and hold me always.
Give me your hesitations
            and I will bury them with mine.
Give me a piece of your
            loving bossiness.
We. Want. Everything.